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About Us

Out of the madness was born the magic. 

Meet co-founder Debra, a magical creature of sass and imagination. She spends her time baking cupcakes, creating divine, fantastical scrubs by hand, and gallivanting around the yard with her numerous furry and feathery companions. 


Meet co-founder Blythe, an odd, hobbit-like creature who lives in the dark. She spends her time writing fantastical stories, creating majestic artworks to house magical scrubs, and attempting to control her feline companion who has more in common with a raging river of destruction than any normal creature. 


Meet Unicorns & Co., a place of magic and homely vibes. We specialise in hand-made, vegan, cruelty-free and all natural body products that are sure to lift your spirits and leave you feeling fresh, sweet and joyous. 

All of our products are designed with quality in mind and are surrounded by good vibes from concept to creation. We do this for you, our beloved customers.